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How Africa REALLY feels about Black Americans getting freedom and land Arikana Chihombori Quao,

Africa shows the two faces one of exploitation and greed , then the other kindness and oneness . What you see is , Africa happily accepted over a Billion dollars of Black American tourist money with " Year of Return " promotion and invitation of come home to Wakanda sentiment on one hand. But when you let them know, " African Americans would like land to start their own Country" then you see how Africans REALLY feel about you! They say you are no different than the colonizer , they call you the Slave Master, mock you by saying a African President would be out of their mind to give you land. She has the hatred and disdain for you because she knows you have no rightful identity there! She made it clear there is a distinction between you and the African and you would be a fool to think Africa will accept you as really being home even though their version admits they are the ones who sold you to the European .

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