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First Tribe Aboriginal means exactly what it says.

First Tribe are those of us of American Descent that inhabited the American Lands before anyone else. This happens by being admixtured genetically and the method of the later migration of possible other peoples via the slave trade or pre-Columbus existence in this land. 

To those who have zero African ancestry or acknowledgment of direct African lineage this does not exclude you. There is a distinct Tribal lineage of Aboriginal people of various descent that this applies to. There is tribal membership and a proven historical , documented and legal status for First Tribe Aboriginal birthrights to this land.  Due to creolization and interactions with associate Indian Tribes there is also historical proof of land rights and Ancestral identity to this land. 

There is reserved United Nations status and recognition with the title “Afro Descendant” that recognizes that confederation of Tribes and Governments which is included that will be used for justice including compensation with compound interest.

Other names given to some First Tribe Aboriginal are “ Black, Negro, Colored, African-American, Mulatto,  Freedmen, Indian” along with other synonymous social fictitious so-called names.  

Those interested in Tribal Membership and taking back what is yours contact me  via inbox or email because...      

We are The Autochthones of this land.

NarHadjo MacNak Hili Micco ( Wind Clan) 

Ishmael A. Bey 

First Tribe Aboriginal

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