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True depiction of Jet Black Powhatan Indian 1780 artifact for sale for $12,000

Original 1780s Powhatan Indian Hand carved Tobacco Cigar Store Indian

" Original 1780s Powhatan Indian Hand carved Tobacco Cigar Store Indian.

This carving is truly a unique item. He was retrieved from a Tobacco Store in Scotland. He is hand carved from wood. You can see rings from the wood on the bottom of the base. He has a look that helps to identify he is an early example of Tobacco Advertising in a store. He has a wrought iron loop on the back that probably was used to secure him from theft. His color is dark black to resemble early European ideas of Indians from North America who introduced tobacco use to Europeans.

His skirt is made to look like tobacco leaves as well as his crown. He has a medallion around his neck which is painted yellow (gold) with a red lanyard. All paint appears to be original. Inspection doesn’t seem to show multiple layers of paint. His right arm is extended and the arm isn’t damaged at the shoulder. Because of the dark skin paint I cannot tell if he was carved from one piece of wood or the arm was attached. The left arm has rolled tobacco tucked under arm.

He stands 30” Tall and the base is round with a diameter of 6 1/2”. No makers marks found.

Truly a Museum Quality item of Tobacco History. "

For sale $12,000

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