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The Ancient Mayan Civilization in our Image and likeness that the world wants to keep secret

Updated: May 27

The Museums in South America place the images of the Indigenous Mayan people with unmistaken so called " Negroid" features , The Maya of today's Guatemala and Belize locations highlight an abundant amount of artifacts . The Caste Wars in South America and Mexico regions played a major part of enslaving these Mayan people and shipping them in the bottom of Steam Ships to Plantations in the North American Southeast and Islands of Cuba, Jamaica and other English colonies.

The Oscar Winning legend Hattie McDaniel could easily be a Sibling Sister to the Mayan Boxer on display at the museum. The South American Fight Styles of close combat are represented at the most high level by the Hung Ga South Style of Kung Fu by Sifu Sharif Anael Bey of Syracuse, New York.

They NEVER properly acknowledge our Indigenous features as the Maya , these are all pre-Columbian artifacts and without a doubt these are our people connected to our Tribes who are American Indian

The Mayan culture was a mixture of peoples with strength and beauty reflected for us all to appreciate.

The Turban and Maya Blue tablet in hand could easily be labeled as Moorish by people just arriving to the Americas , It would be impossible to differentiate on sight. These are Indigenous Mayan people however.

The images are available at High End Auction sites today getting top dollar

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Yes without a douth they our people and ancestors.

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