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Chahta Tribe correctly acknowledged with control of Indian Cemetery and Mound

Updated: Sep 19

Chief Elwin Warhorse Gillum is the Queen of Tchefuncta Nation and the Chief of the Chahta Tribe With prior conversations the Cookin' With Chief Host has stated the importance of reclaiming Ancestral lands. The longevity of Tribal identity along with restoration and seeking justice is part of the core values of what makes the Chahta who they are.

Chief Elwin Warhorse Gillum

The Chahta Tribe wanted to extend a heartfelt Thank You to the State officials of Louisiana who took the time to respond to the call of assistance due the cemetery being in such disrepair and neglect from the non caretakers previously to the point that some of the remains were coming out of their caskets and not resting in Peace. Now they can again find the tranquility and care forever with those who are the original inhabitants.

Chief Warhorse said as she explored the area from the ground level she then asked for aerial views and immediately was astounded by the heart shaped location. It was not only spiritually moving but a clear symbol of the love that those voices wanted to share as reciprocity.

Chief Warhorse at the Moundville Alabama Ancestral site

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