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Ancient Moundville vs The Neo Colonial Whitewash

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Queen Chief Elwin Warhorse Gillum is the Queen of Tchefuncta Nation and the Chief of the Chahta Tribe invited Urban Indian Heritage Society and First Tribe to Moundville Alabama. Also in attendance was Civil Rights Elder and Icon Spiver Gordon. The viewing of the majestic Mounds of Alabama allowed you to be taken back in time when Indigenous civilization was on display with government structure , architecture , agriculture and peace as daily life. Chief Warhorse shared her wisdom of 40 plus years of travel to Moundville in detail pointing out the intricate nuanced changes that have taken place over the decades. What you find is a pattern of cultural erosion / erasure almost to the point of extinction regarding the Ancient Moundville and the Colonized influenced Neo Moundville.

The Ancient Moundville are the re-creation of the human remains found on the lands with the artifacts, Some being funerary, others a reflection of the culture of the Indigenous. Rich, very dark melanated people looking as if they are dipped in chocolate , blessed by the Sun and no indication of violence / warfare found in Moundville. To see Ancient Moundville inhabitants firsthand removes all doubt about the phenotype of the Original Alabama inhabitants. What’s troubling about the existence of the exhibit is the blatant racist disparities between the Ancient Moundville and the Neo Colonial Moundville exhibits to the public.

While viewing the Ancestors you see the literal melting of the wax , disrepair ,decrepit , disrespect of the original American Indians. There is the grave robbery of lack of items found with the skeletal remains later seen in overabundance in the neo pale exhibit. You have the weather exposed condition of Ancient Moundville, we dodged wasps flying from behind the glass into the public space , Dog feces left near the doorway , on the day of visiting was 90 degree weather and in the Indian Village covering additional 5 plus degrees. There was one of the spots closed off to the public also in disrepair with no signage. The vast majority of the public would not even know of the Indian Village portion of Moundville due to a lack of signs indicating the exact location by comparison to the Stone Multi-Million dollar Neo Moundville area.

The University of Alabama is in control of over 5 Billion Dollars of funds and over 10 Thousand Alabama Indigenous artifacts yet the Original Ancient Moundville is withering away due to lack of maintenance and intentional neglect. Its outright criminal and cultural apartheid on full display. The University of Alabama has slave shackles on the Ancient Moundville inhabitants. We Challenge and dispute such a false history. We challenge the top historical University so-called scholars to prove such an assertion being made and challenge them to debate such misinformation.

First Tribe Salute to the illustrious Phoenix Moon and American Indian Scholar JMaR for such important contributions along with the top Indigenous team Urban Indian Heritage Society. Full video presentation courtesy of Cookin' with Chief

Moundville Indian Village from the University Website 2020

Education Outreach Coordinator, Lindsey Gordon, tells us about the structures of the Moundville people!

Moundville Indian Village and Site Video 2017

The literal Melting and withering away of the Ancient Moundville melanated people with no repair or proper re-creation while exposed to the elements

The Slave Shackles on the arms and legs of the Ancient Moundville inhabitants

The outright disintegration of body parts while the multi-millions flow into the pockets of the University of Alabama this is cultural apartheid

NEO Colonial State of the art Million Dollar Building

These images are the complete opposite of the Ancient Moundville Indian Village they look like Taylor Swift and Celine Dion

Rows and Rows of EMPTY SHELVES

Mary T. Newman, of Tennessee, teaches guests about pottery making and firing during the annual Moundville Native American Festival at Moundville Archaeological Park in Moundville, Ala. Friday, Oct. 10, 2014. Michelle Lepianka Carter | The Tuscaloosa News


Visitors learn about bow and arrow making from Steve Pate during the annual Moundville Native American Festival at Moundville Archaeological Park in Moundville, Ala. Friday, Oct. 10, 2014. Michelle Lepianka Carter | The Tuscaloosa News



We have the upcoming National Meeting directly from the Tuscaloosa River Date and Time coming SOON!! COME JOIN US!!

The Tuscaloosa River ( Black Warrior River )

Chief Warhorse and Civil Rights Great Activist Spiver Gordon

The symbols are found Directly on the Remains, used for commercial purposes then not placed on the Ancient Moundville people but used in abundance on the pale Neo persons


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