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The Indian History direct from Grandmother

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

One of the most important things you can do is get the Family history direct from the Elders in your Family. The direct information dispels all myths, clarifies and removes all doubt. The overwhelming evidence proves that the vast majority of the people mislabeled as African American.

Posted is sample 5 part video clips of a 90 minute session with my 93 year Grandmother explaining various aspects of our life and lineage as Indians in Alabama , our Family Homestead that we have owned since the 1800's and the importance Family and Lineage

We were taught the Mvskoke and Cherokee history both written and oral tracing before any colonization

Grandma Born 1919 Passed 2014

My Great Grandmother and her Sister as my Grandmother describes our Indian features

There is a myth taught that during the Great Depression that the Indians had land and suffered . The truth is the Indian owned the land and lived in abundance of self sustained tribal living not only growing their own healthy foods , but maintained Tribe life by selling the extra foods and exchange of skills in assisting one another which is the way our Ancestors have done since time immemorial .

The Citizen of Spain and Fraudulent U.S. President Andrew Jackson enslaved hundreds of Families of Indian Free people. In order to save the tribe, We had members of other branches of our Indian cousins hide and live on our Family homestead in the back areas. The cousins knew if they were found they would be forced to move to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears being lost forever. We had select uncle members who would communicate to our family speaking Mvskoke and Tut Indigenous American language.

The importance of knowing family is a priceless , Funny moment if sharing is Aunt Milian have 21 Children and not 12. Mind you Aunt Millian was small and petite and stayed that way all her life but she had 21 Children... Be fruitful and multiply is a big thing in my Family. Go Aunt Mille!

The Family and Bloodline means everything to Indian identity . It is the unbreakable and unshakable foundation of who you are and where you fit in this world ( Turtle Island) . You are the Elder of your tribe with a responsibility to teach the truth and you honor your Ancestors by making sure you uphold the same standards.

Grand Mother's Indian Mother and Lineage

Thank you for viewing these intimate talks with Grandma

1919-2014 Mvskoke / Cherokee Teacher

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