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First Tribe images of Indigenous Culture

We have the most beautiful and rich culture in the world and in its most ancient form it's expressed with First Tribe Graphics and images. We have the history of the mound building culture along with the Elder to Youth lineage well represented. You are invited to send your request or simply share to help promote a location designed for your academic , intellectual stimulation at the highest level.

The Ancient Indigenous Family was made up of Tribes and Clans rooted in communal law. Warriors and Mothers before any outsider arrived on this soil.

Many Tribes were guided by a Council of Great Mothers which also determined which clan of inclusion took place within the Tribe. The Council of Great Mothers also made the choice of War or Peace

The most ancient archeological findings in South East Alabama / Georgia proved the phenotype of the original inhabitants.

The New Generations are quickly re-connecting to their Ancestry and lineage it is a journey the Elders prayed for. The Truth can no longer be denied.

The guidance and wisdom of the Elders is very relevant and needed in True American Indian culture.

There has been no series as hard hitting and influential than " From Colonizers to Chiefs"

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