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Confessions of the Pale Imposter Tom Acklen to Chief Warhorse " All about the green"

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Cookin With Chief, Serving up History: All About the Green with Tom Acklen

Did the descendants of the Confederate States of America create Native American tribes and appropriate heritage to profit off of government contracts and pose as American Indians? Let's hear from Tom Acklen creator of the Bayou LaCombe Choctaw, Jena Band of Mississippi Choctaw, MOWA Choctaw, and various Oklahoma nations have sanctioned various perpetual nefarious acts against the people of the Florida Parishes, Mississippi, Alabama and throughout the United States

Part One pale Indian confessions

Part Two pale Indian confessions

Queen Chief Warhorse of the Tchefuncte Nation tribe of Chahta Indians speaks at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for the Racial Equity Initiative.

The African American Folklorist: African American or American Indian

In the first issue of the African American Folklorist printed and distributed the Black History month of 2020, I wrote an article called, “The Copper-Colored Races - Why aren’t Black Indians Part of Black History Month.” Article Interview :

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