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American Indian Slavery over 3 times more than African slave trade in North America

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

The top database numbers of North American African slavery is listed as 388,000 max. That's an estimated 3% of the so-called 12 Million slaves claimed to have come from Africa. The documented numbers of Indian slaves LEAVING The Americas is estimated at 2. 5 to 5 Million. With the numbers LEAVING South Carolina MORE THAN the amount of slaves coming from So-called Africa. The population numbers don't even add up today. Think about it, If Brazil had 8 Million African slaves and North America only had 388,000 then how are we half of Brazil's Black population today? United States only had 13 colonies and African slavery was banned 1861 with the First Confederate Constitution so if slavery was banned to southern states from Africa WHERE DID THE SLAVES COME FROM?? Entire Video Indian Slavery: An Unspoken History

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