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Aboriginals Officially Listed on 1899 U.S. Census!!

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Traits of the Indians of Porto Rico, Fray ligo remarks that

they were copper colored, although sallow and of darker complexions,

short in stature, well proportioned, with flat noses, wide nostrils,..They had long, thick, black,

coarse hair, and were weak and indolent, regarding with aversion all

exertion which was not necessary to their amusement or involved in

fishing, hunting, or in obtaining food from other sources. They were

governed by caciques, or chiefs, whose rights descended to the eldest"

Carolina, Puerto Rico 1881.

This program turns to an examination of Indian Slavery under the title “Indian Slavery in the Americas – Its Origins, Impacts and Implications.” The focus of this panel discussion is on the new perspectives on the institution of Indian slavery in the Americas and its relationship to African slavery, as well as modern day ramifications of Indian slavery for Native Americans. Scholars from Brown University, Rhode Island College and Roger Williams University explore this topic. Full Video United States. War Dept. Puerto Rico Census Office Link

Report on the census of Porto Rico, 1899

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