First Tribe™ Aboriginal  is synonymous with First Contact it is established for those who have part Indigenous lineage proven with genealogy , oral history and scientific evidence along with Indigenous Descent in the Americas.  We are the Ancient , Kalinago ,Xi-Lango ( Chi-Lango ) Descendants of This land.  First Tribe™ of The Americas since time immemorial.  Ancient Aztec of North America 

Some of the titles given to the people are Maroons, Black Seminoles,  Black , Negro, African-American , Moorish, Colored , Indian ,  Native American ,Freedmen and other synonymous titles .

Registered Tribal members have provided qualified documentation or qualified for the Tribal adoption process.   

There will be both National and International redress regarding repair and compensation with compound interest owed to First Tribe™ Aboriginal citizens. The focus and goal of the First Tribe™   is rooted in the full return of American Indian status due to the fraudulent theft of land and identity by the United States illegal President Andrew Jackson being a Citizen of Spain. 


First Tribe First Contact L.L.C. 

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